EIT ICT Labs Winterschool racks brains

During the EIT ICT Labs Winterschool in the CLC Eindhoven from 11 Feb-14 Feb, Master School students based in the Netherlands took up a challenge presented to them by Joost de Wit of TNO. The Winterschool was organised in collaboration with TNO and is part of the  Master School curriculum.

The students racked their brains over how to enable independent content recommendations to a group of people that can have different TV service providers. Three teams worked for three days on the challenge and came up with three different domain models and associated business models that should make independent group recommendations viable. The models had in common that they all generate (business) value by allowing 3rd party content to be recommended to the users. 

According to some Master School students the Winterschool 2013 was 'amazingly challenging and surprisinlgy demanding to fold ones brain around the case that TNO brought in'. Four of the students will continue to work on this subject as part of the D-Challenge course at the Delft University of Technology.

Author - Else Embregts

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