EIT ICT Labs supports CryptTalk, the Hungarian-Swedish startup that was awarded on the Central European Startup Awards in 2014

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Secure Mobile Communication has become increasingly important as it relates to the security of personal and business information. A couple of young Hungarian telco and IT security specialists with several years of experience on international voice communication projects realized that there is a market to explore with a good product. This is how the idea of CryptTalk came up.

CryptTalk has been under development for the last 5 years and was released to enterprise users in mid-2014. It is a secure, end-to-end encrypted, peer-to-peer mobile voice communication and instant messaging service using best practice cryptography technologies. Due to security considerations CryptTalk is available on iPhones and iPads. In summary, the service is implemented in such a way that even CryptTalk's system developers, who have the service’s plans and the App's source code, are unable to access calls or the data encrypted and transferred with CryptTalk.

The CryptTalk service is used by a broad range of companies, including law firms, accountants, gas- and electricity traders, private bankers, agricultural commodity companies, firms dealing with intellectual property, various manufacturing companies operating in multiple “insecure countries,” etc. Hungary’s largest bank is also a CryptTalk client and uses the service to secure mobile calls between its key executives.

The development team is currently based in Budapest, but the company – Arenim Technologies, the owner of CryptTalk - was established in Stockholm, Sweden in early 2013. The reason for this was to ensure that CryptTalk benefits from Sweden’s strong privacy laws, and thereby establish a solid foundation for the secure calling service.

The company won the ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association) "Creating value in IT security" award in 2013, the EuroCloud Partnership award in 2014. Also in 2014, it was named the most Innovative Company at the Innovation Tech Show in Budapest, and finally Central Europe's best software development team on the Central European Startup Awards. In mid-2014, Arenim Technologies was named one of the 40 most promising mobile technology companies in the world by CTIA (The Wireless Association).

In general the subscribers are large enterprises, but throughout last year such a huge demand from small and mid-size companies were detected, that the company decided to create a cloud based service and client application available through the App Store. General users in Hungary have been able to subscribe to the CryptTalk service since October 2014. Internationally the service will be available from March 2015, coinciding with the Mobile World Congress where CryptTalk will be exhibited.

In 2014, links has been created with the Privacy, Security & Trust Action Line of the EIT ICT Labs and the plan is to reach an intensive cooperation EIT ICT Labs' BDA in order to foster access to customers and access to finance.

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