EIT ICT Labs Summer School students pitching business solutions for Philips


EIT ICT Labs Master School students participating in the Wellbeing Innovation Summer School in Eindhoven pitched ICT Business solutions for Philips

More than 50 students of the EIT ICT Labs Summer School worked for two weeks in projects to bring up innovative ICT solutions for real life business cases as delivered by Philips. The cases covered both applications in health care, consumer lifestyle and lighting. There were 5 business cases delivered by Philips case owners. Around a case two projects were formed. Each project team existed of 5-6 students. Throughout the project work the project teams could tune their findings and strategy with the Philips case owners. They challenged the students to come up with solutions that really matter. In a win-win situation, the students could take for two weeks a sneak preview in the research kitchen of Philips and got work done for the company by setting up business plans for the future products. 

The theme of the EIT ICT Labs summer school 2013 in Eindhoven was “health and wellbeing” with emphasis on ways to foster a healthy lifestyle. This had been introduced through lectures and workshops on life style trends, and on ways to assess, measure and promote fitness and mental wellbeing. In addition, entrepreneurial capabilities had been enhanced and trained through master classes on specific business aspects as market research, venturing. The students worked on the business cases in between the lectures, master classes and even in the evenings as time for project work was limited. 

The Master School students had to present the first draft of the proposals at the end of the first week. At the end of the second week, the students had to present their final solution through a pitch of 8 minutes sharp. The pitches took place for a panel and a jury existing of people from Philips, the Action Line Health & Wellbeing, Master School itself and Trento rise the organiser of the EIT ICT Labs Summer School in Trento. 

According to Lisette Appelo, Director Human Capital of Philips: ‘The students did very well. In general terms the quality of the solutions was quite good and some of them are nice input to our business cases. The enthusiasm and eagerness to crunch the cases were tremendous. The solutions were really refreshing in some cases and the final pitches showed that the students integrated the information they got in between. Fast learners! Very promising high potentials.’

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