EIT ICT Labs’ startups pitched on Dutch Business News Radio

Proxible and Seatz Networks, two startups coached by EIT ICT Labs, were interviewed on the Dutch Business News Radio BNR, in a programme called 'Doing business with…’. Each startup got the chance to give a 1-minute pitch that was followed by a 6 minute interview. The broadcasting took place on the High Tech Campus, home basis of the Co-location Eindhoven.

Proxible was represented by Bas van de HeuvelCOO of Proxible. He pitched that Proxible will allow the passive world around us to become active through their revolutionary proximity technology. The company’s goal is to make life easier for everyone to receive information that is relevant to them, when they need it the most, using Proxible’s sensor technology. As soon as a person shows interest in an object, it is picked up by a sensor and a personalized message is send to that person. Compared to QR codes, NFC and Wifi, Proxible seems to have the best cards as it combines the best features of all in one compact sensor. The sensor can be deployed almost everywhere and never needs to be touched again as the information is maintained using a very easy to use cloud platform solution. Also in large crowds the sensor will work perfectly as it is able to deliver unique multimedia messages to approximately 1000 people in one second. The range can be set from 1mm up to 50 meters.

The use of the Proxible technology is a communication dream for profit and non-profit organisations. Imagine that a new pair of shoes helps you to find the best clothing match… imagine the experience in case a painting speaks to you directly. That the Proxible technology is already very-very close to market will be demonstrated in a pilot on 1 June during the Dutch Technology Week at the High Tech Campus where about 2000 visitors are expected to take part in the experience. Proxible was one the winners of the Startup Weekend Eindhoven 2013 as held at the High Tech Campus last April and is now being coached by EIT ICT Labs. 

Seatz Network was pitched by George Jansenfounder and Creative Director, he declared that Seatz Network is all about real smart mobility, with your smartphone as your personal key to tailor made transportation in an effective, efficient and sustainable manner. Although already many initiatives have been taken to deliver solutions to a larger or smaller part of smart mobility, SeatZ Network put a revolutionary step. Namely, the creation of a platform where it is possible to tune in to all forms of mobility, chair based. It is not necessary anymore to make plans or arrangements in advance, but you can move on-the-fly in real time. You can look at all times to new transportation possibilities that fit your need by moving by cars, buses, trains etc. It is essential to create fully integrated mobility solutions in which travelers choose personalized solutions to move from A to B.
Seatz Network connects isolated mobility solutions into one integrated system. With one push of a button one can match the full range of mobility solutions with a personal mobility need. Users and providers will be matched and smartly linked together. One app gives you entrance to a marketplace and gateway to all mobility. 

On time, millions of users within the Seatz Network will travel by using the Seatz platform through an app on their phone. If only 20% of these travelers occasionally share chairs that will save 6 billion vehicle-kilometers. Leading to fewer cars on the road, less congestion, less pollution and saving of time and money. 

Seatz Network is now testing its technology on the former industrial site of Philips in Eindhoven, Strijp-S. Here, near the city centre a new working and living district is growing for creative entrepreneurs. This area is an ideal pilot because it addresses the need of people for new living, working and mobility. 

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