EIT ICT Labs hosts signing of IDBB agreement in Berlin

On Thursday, 4th December, EIT ICT Labs Berlin hosted an event for future research collaboration. The so called ‘Intelligent Services for Citizens and Authorities’ (IDBB) of the Distributed Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (DAI), Technical University of Berlin and the IT Service Center Berlin (ITDZ). The guests were welcomed by Prof. Albayrak (DAI), Mr. Kandziora (ITDZ) and the President of TU Berlin Prof. Thomsen. Also, EIT ICT Labs Node Director Dr. Udo Bub welcomed the guests and pointed out the importance of research organisations collaborating to create future innovations.

As part of the Technical University of Berlin the DAI develops innovative ideas in order to support the development of services and systems. The ITDZ is a central service provider of the Berlin Administration and supports the use of information and communication technologies of the authorities. It is also responsible for bringing the DAI ideas to the market. 

The highlight of the event was the signing of the cooperation agreement between DAI, TU Berlin and ITDZ. It has the goal to extend their existing agreement for another five years in order to foster the successful collaborations and to further develop innovative ideas and products in Berlin.

Besides the speech of Mr. Statzkowski, Secretary from the Berlin Senate Department for the Interior and Sports, who attended the event as special guest, several already implemented IDBB projects were presented.

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