EIT ICT Labs France meets & greets its new Master Students

On 4 and 30 of September, EIT ICT Labs France welcome its new class of Master students, registered at Rennes 1, UPMC and Paris-Sud.


19 European top universities, renown researchers and leading corporations get partnered with EIT ICT Labs to provide technical excellence. Following the steps of their predecessors, all of them are fully motivated to become innovative entrepreneurs and contribute for a better future. In Rennes as well as in Paris Colocation Centers, the students have been greeted with a simple and convivial introduction to EIT ICT Labs, a tour of the venue. The morning ended with an appetizing lunch in a friendly atmosphere. 

Since that date the students are constantly proving their satisfaction by using the numerous possibilities of the venues on a regular base, touch basing with start-ups, exchanging and getting support from researchers and from the staff. At the Paris colocation center, lectures are also delivered on a weekly base.


Rennes 1

Paris Sud and UPMC

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