EIT ICT Labs Eindhoven organised successful Investors' Dinner

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EIT ICT Labs organised an Investors’ Dinner in Restaurant ‘The Lounge’ at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven, 29th October. The Investors’ Dinner has to be seen as one of the tools for getting access to finance for the startups in the Business Development Accelerator of EIT ICT Labs. Selected high-tech startups from the Netherlands and Belgium, belonging to the EIT ICT Labs Business Accelerator, met up with investors in a speed-dating manner during dinner. Founders meet up with potential financial backers in a confidential environment and have the chance to present their businesses and make important new contacts. 

The international 1st edition of the Eindhoven Investors’ Dinner at the High Tech Campus, took place last September and resulted in access to finance 20 European startups. The 2nd edition of the Investors’ Dinner in Eindhoven was meant for local startups. The table guests of the local Investors’ Dinner were composed by 20 startups and 14 venture investors and business angels with one goal: meeting and matching of interests in a sound win-win situation. The evening was perceived as a well organised event with a lot of impact. Beside the networking and the constructive feedback on the pitches, the dinner resulted in 23 follow-up meetings with investors. 

One of the startups remarked: “We have already some experience with pitching before investors, but never in such a nice manner as during the Investors’ Dinner. To share a meal together makes the ambiance of doing business a personal and effective experience. It is also valuable because you can pitch and reach directly a big number of investors. It was rather intensive and concentrated. It was hard working to get the most out of it...pfff!”

The startups that were selected to join the dinner were:

Picture courtesy of Atsuko Fujii

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