EIT ICT Labs Doctoral School is scaling up its activities

The preparations for launching full scale operations have been ongoing throughout 2012. With the signing of the Cooperation agreement by EIT ICT Labs CEO Willem Jonker and representatives from the partner universities Aalto University, KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Université Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC), in October activities are now scaling up. Several more universities are in the process of signing the official documents and a Doctoral School office is being set up at UPMC. 

The primary goals of the EIT ICT Labs Doctoral School are to develop an innovation and entrepreneurial mindset among Ph.D. students and to set up the appropriate environment where young doctors may grow business projects founded on their thesis research. 

EIT ICT Labs achieve these goals not by changing or perturbing the scientific quality of the Ph.D. degree but by empowering Ph.D. students in research with more innovation potential. The EIT ICT Labs Doctoral School in ICT Innovation set up is a general framework that combines the regular Ph.D. studies with an Innovation and Entrepreneurship (I&E) education.

The I&E education will provide Ph.D. students with the required knowledge and skills to become the commercially aware research leaders who understand current and future challenges as well as the opportunities these present to industry.The Ph.D. students are encouraged to use the strong partner network of EIT ICT Labs including both leading European ICT research institutes and industry.

The three key elements of the EIT ICT Labs Doctoral School are:
- E&I Education
- Organisational Mobility
- Geographic Mobility

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