EIT ICT Labs Call 2014 for SMEs

EIT ICT Labs runs two tenders for European SMEs in the areas of Future Networking Solutions and Health & Wellbeing. SMEs operating in these areas are invited to take part in the work of EIT ICT Labs during 2014. For both tenders information and submission details are published on the webpage: Calls & Tenders


Future Networking Solutions has grants available for two SMEs.
In the activity Efficient IoT Content the target area of SME expertise is deploying and evaluating prototypes for machine-to-machine communication that operate in resource-constrained environments where connectivity is intermittent. 

The application deadline is 31 January, 2014. Contact person is Olof Schelén from Luleå University of Technology. 

In the activity Mobile Opportunistic Services for Experience Sharing the target area is the development, deployment, business modelling, and evaluation of a mobile experience sharing platform and application(s) for visitors of fairs, amusement parks, and events, among others, to share their experience among each other, without the need to detour through cloud services. We are seeking an SME that can offer among others a robust communication platform for mobile applications that supports online and offline, cloud-based and peer-to-peer, infrastructure-based and ad-hoc communication.

The application deadline is 28 January, 2014. Contact person is Jörg Ott from Aalto University. 


The innovation area of Health & Wellbeing (HWB) invites SMEs to join the HWB business community and boost businesses internationally. The HWB Community is aimed at helping the local participating Health and Wellbeing companies to connect better with each other, identify new international partners and customers in Europe, and to benefit from the local ecosystems of seven EIT Node locations: Berlin, Eindhoven, Helsinki, London, Paris, Stockholm and Trento. 

Maximum of 28 SMEs will be selected from all of the seven Nodes to participate in the Community in 2014.
The application deadline is 14 February, 2014.
For both tenders, go for more information and submission details to the webpage: 
Calls & Tenders

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