EIT ICT Labs at the Confcommercio Trentino

On July 22nd Roberto Saracco, EIT ICT Labs Italy Node Director, was invited to presesented a vision of the future techonogies for peoples' quality of life at the seminar series organised by "Confcommercio Trentino".

Seminar series are part of the joint activity of Trento RISE, core partner of the Italian node, and Confcommercio Trentino that have signed a Memorandum of Understanding on July 8th. The seminar seris were opened by the President of the Confcommercio Trentino Giovanni Bort, who pointed out the importance of the innnovation and collaboration between insitution to boost the economic development of the Trentino.

Along with seminar series and meetings for the partnes of Confcomercio Trentino, the partnership between Trento RISE and Confcomercio foresees a project of integrated solutions for geo-referenced activities in promotion and marketing.

This way business, research and higher education worlds collide to innovate together to benefit the territory. 


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