EIT Digital Venture Program final stage winners raise close to €400,000 in private investment

Vision Anchor (Slovenia) 

Vision Anchor (Slovenia)

GetBoarded Technologies (Portugal) 

GetBoarded Technologies (Portugal) 

Less than 3 months after incorporating their startup, seven winners of the EIT Digital Venture Program have raised close to €400,000 in private investment.  

Brussels, 9 December 2020 - This week marked the end of the final phase of the EIT Digital Venture Program, which began in early September, when 28 teams from Central and Eastern Europe, the Baltics and Southern Europe completed a 2-month online pre-acceleration program. 

After developing their Minimum Viable Product and incorporating their startup, the teams started engaging with private investors. 

In less than three months, seven teams from seven European regions successfully raised close to €400,000 from private investors. 

Based on this achievement, the seven startups were also awarded an additional €70,000 in co-investment from EIT Digital. 

The winning teams are:   

In the past three years, the Venture Program has supported a total of over 200 entrepreneurs from 70 teams, taking each team from early-stage development to incorporation, and now to investor engagement.  

The Venture Program 2020 is organized by EIT Digital in partnership with ABC Accelerator (Slovenia), BGI (Portugal), Found.ation (Greece), Kraków Technology Park (Poland) and Startup Wise Guys (Baltics).  

The program offers financial support of up to €25,000, resources to develop a minimum viable product, and business development support from international experts to establish a venture and join EIT Digital’s ecosystem. 

Check out the full list of this year’s EIT Digital Venture Program graduates at this link.

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