EIT Digital to inaugurate new UK Co-Location Centre at the start of London Tech Week

EIT Digital to hold open house "demo day" in London on June 12

London Tech Week

EIT Digital will open its new Co-Location Centre in the heart of London’s Knowledge Quarter at the start of London Tech Week on June 12, 2017.

Deputy Mayor of London Rajesh Agrawal will join EIT Digital’s CEO Willem Jonker to open the event which will also provide an opportunity to meet EIT Digital’s Accelerator team and to network with its UK partners including Digital Catapult, Future Cities Catapult, IBM, Thales and UCL and other entrepreneurs.

As part of the inauguration of its new London home, EIT Digital will host an open house featuring demos from some of its most exciting supported scaleups and innovation activities.

Date and time

Monday June 12, 2017
16:00 - 19:00 BST

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The innovative companies on show will include:


Firstbeat - the leading provider of physiological analytics for sports, fitness and wellbeing. Firstbeat's technology turns heartbeat data into rich, personalized and actionable insights on exercise, stress, sleep and recovery. Firstbeat offers solutions for wellness professionals, professional coaches, corporate wellness, consumers and research.


iDENprotect - pioneer of innovative software authentication solutions that enable workers to easily access sensitive data and information from their organisations' IT systems without the risk of hacking, phishing or data loss. It maintains the highest levels of security while avoiding the need for cumbersome security processes and removes the requirements for complex passwords, improving user experience and reducing IT costs for their customers.

3D Repo

3D Repo - developer of multi-award winning open source software for Building Information Modelling in the cloud. Instead of architects, consultants and contractors sharing massive proprietary files in a costly and time consuming manner they can simply point their web browser to an encrypted online repository in order to examine each project stage virtually, even on mobile devices.


ORIGONE - provides large corporates and SMEs with comprehensive protection against ever-changing email malware threats, such as ‘phishing' and Trojan Horses. Their software dis-assembles and sanitizes all incoming messages and attachments before they can be opened, giving businesses a powerful protective shield against cyberattacks.

Fit to Perform

Fit to Perform - an innovation initiative in EIT Digital's 'Digital Wellbeing' Action Line, its objective is to make professional driving safer, healthier and more efficient. Fit to Perform combines vehicle telematics and wearable technology in order to provide feedback on professional drivers’ fitness. It will enable fleet managers to make better decisions on workload, route planning and employee wellbeing.

Qarnot Computing

Qarnot Computing - creators of the Q.rad, the first computing heater using CPUs as a heat source. Qarnot provides cloud computing through a disruptive distributed infrastructure where computing power is no longer deployed in concentrated data centers, but split throughout the city in the form of Q.rads. The Q.rad also turns every home or office into a smart and green building: it offers free heating, Wi-Fi, air quality monitoring, presence and intrusion detection.


Ignilife - provides clinically-proven, social and gamified powered health prevention and wellness solutions for corporations, insurance companies and health providers.

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