EIT Digital Startup SOMA Analytics wins “Best mHealth Startup in Europe 2015”Award

Founded 3 years ago, and the winner of EIT Digital’s 2014 Idea Challenge, SOMA Analytics have recently been named “Europe’s Best Mobile Health Start-up 2015” by the European Commission. Building on leading-edge research and development, the company has now launched with paying customers in three countries since the beginning of the year and currently boasts several thousand employees.

SOMA Analytics measures, manages and reduces stress in the workplace through a smartphone application and an analytics dashboard. Employees receive personalised feedback on how to build mental resilience. Employers gain insights on how to improve working conditions and reduce cost of ill health.

SOMA Analytics' product is based on several scientific studies and yields direct impact. After only three weeks of usage the app reduces user's perceived stress by over 16%.  At the same time it increases mental resilience by 10%. In addition, employees feel happier and more productive. The improvements in stress and resilience were measured across industries and countries and are both highly statistically significant.

SOMA Analytics is coached by EIT Digital as part of our Business Development Accelerator and is participating in EIT Digital’s Health and Wellbeing Business Community. 

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