EIT Digital showcases scaleups moving into international markets at Viva Technology

EIT Digital will showcase innovative digital companies at Viva Technology, Paris (June 30 to July 2), highlighting the work of its Accelerator in supporting European scaleups to grow, raise finance and enter new markets across Europe and beyond. 

6 scaleups will be located in the EIT Digital Stand F29. The other 5 will be located in other stands.


Green Communications (stand ORA_007) created the Participatory Internet, a wearable and autonomous wireless network, to answer connectivity challenges of network densification, mobility and sustainability. Admitted in the EIT Digital Accelerator in 2013, Green Communications is now an alumnus and a partner. The company was showcased at Slush 2015 and sent on Slush 100 stage in front of investors in Helsinki.


Ignilife (stand F29) provides a digital health engagement platform to motivate people to make significant and sustainable changes in their lives, reducing their risk of developing chronic diseases. So far, Ignilife sold its solution to major health insurers, in France and Switzerland, enabling access for 3 million insurance holders to its prevention platform. In April 2016, Ignilife was admitted to join the EIT Digital Accelerator to scale up in other European countries.


Karos (stand F29) leverages machine learning and big data technologies to transform empty car seats into brand new transportation networks, complementary to buses, trams and trains. Thanks to predictive algorithms and an innovative mobile interface, Karos makes carpooling effortless for daily commutes. The company is already working with major corporates in France and has recently launched its solution in La Réunion, with Total. Karos is the winner of the EIT Digital Challenge 2015 in the Urban Life and Mobility category.


NAVYA (stand J30) develops driverless shuttles in order to optimise the transportation of personnel, visitors or service agents on the last miles, in private or public sites (e.g.: airports, hospitals, industrial sites, amusement parks etc). NAVYA joined the EIT Digital Accelerator in 2015. EIT Digital assisted NAVYA to get traction from its European business ecosystem by introducing it to investors, in the UK and in Finland, and to one of its potential first big customers. In October 2015, Navya announced it had raised 4.1 M euros.


Nively (stand F29) is specialised in indoor and outdoor geolocation of equipments and persons in the health and care sectors. Nively was admitted in the EIT Digital Accelerator in 2015. Originally from Italy, Nively benefited from the EIT Digital Accelerator’s landing support to settle in France, at the EIT Digital co-location centre of Sophia Antipolis, and from there develop their network and access to the French market.


Qarnot computing (stand ENG_024) markets the Q.rad, the first digital heater which produces free and green heat generated by embedded microprocessors. Qarnot computing was admitted in the EIT Digital Accelerator in 2015. The EIT Digital Accelerator showcased the company at IoT Expo in London and ISC Frankfurt this year and is connecting it to potential customers and investors in Belgium, Germany, Sweden and the UK.


Sentryo (stand VAL_002) proposes a cybersecurity solution to prevent, detect and respond to cyberattacks for the Industrial Internet and machine-tomachine networks. Sentryo won the third prize of the EIT Digital Challenge 2014 in the Cyber Security and Privacy category. The scaleup has recently raised investment of over €2 million with French and British investors, with the support of EIT Digital.


Stimergy (stand CVI_011) recycles heat generated by servers for a sustainable digital transition. It will heat the swimming pool of la Butte-aux-Cailles in Paris in autumn 2016, a world’s first. The team was finalist at the EIT Digital Challenge 2014 in the Smart Energy Systems category and admitted. The EIT Digital Accelerator is currently helping the company to replicate its business model and launch its product in the Netherlands. With the EIT Digital Accelerator, Stimergy was also showcased at Slush in Helsinki last year.


Tanker (stand F29) turns Dropbox and Google Drive into bulletproof and trustworthy collaborative workspaces for startups. Their ultimate cross-storage-platform client seamlessly encrypts data on users’ devices before it reaches the cloud, embedding powerful control features in files that one can now store and share with confidence. Tanker won the second prize of the EIT Digital Challenge 2015 in the Future Cloud category. The EIT Digital Accelerator helps the team reach new customers through its network of incubators in 9 European countries.


TEEPTRAK (stand F29) offers a set of innovative and cost-effective tools to monitor industrial performance in real-time. Each of its solutions is a stand-alone versatile performance tracking system that can be installed quickly in a wide range of situations. It allows clients to gather, visualize and export information from any production facilities. TEEPTRAK won the third prize of the EIT Digital Challenge 2015 in the Internet of Things category. Since then, the EIT Digital Accelerator showcased the company in different international industry events, such as Hannover Messe in Germany where it generated leads in Europe but also in Canada and in China.


UAVIA (stand F29) provides a full suite of hardware and software that enables businesses to perform any real-time drone inspection & surveillance 100% remotely. After two years of research and development and winning the second prize of the EIT Digital Challenge 2015 in the Cyber-Physical Systems category, Uavia became the first company to provide 100% remotely operable drones thanks to 4G/LTE control technology and remote charging stations dispatched directly on-site.


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