EIT Digital offering welcomed at The Hague Cyber Security Week 2017

The second edition of the Hague international Cyber Security Week gathered 100 partners from businesses, knowledge institutions and government in the City of Hague at the end of September, including EIT Digital. During the five days and 80 events, the event welcomed 4,300 visitors from 70 countries.  

EIT Digital Business Developer Bram Spitzer, who was responsible for EIT Digital’s presence at the event explained:

“When selecting our offering for The Hague Cyber Security Week, we wanted to include a good balance of cyber security scaleups and research-based innovation activities. Based on the amount of the interest, the number of presentations given, and follow-up meetings agreed, it seems that we succeeded well." 

One of the research-based innovation activities participating in the event was Trusted Cloud, one of EIT Digital’s High Impact Initiatives. The Trusted Cloud technology provides policy management and policy enforcement guaranteeing sustainable compliance.  The leader of the Trusted Cloud Initiative, Géry Ducatel, Principal Researcher at the BT Group said: 

“We had a great mixture of public and private organisations being represented at the matchmaking event. All recognised that cyber security is often an after-thought in start-ups and that there is a challenge in procuring and finding the value for money. Thanks to our presentations, there will be follow-ups with them to better present our solutions and better identify the stakeholders.” 

The UK-Frech cyber security scaleup Origone provides software for large corporates and SMEs with comprehensive protection against ever-changing email malware threats, such as ‘phishing' and Trojan Horses, that can cause havoc for organisations.  Origone CEO Jonathan Partouche said:

"For us, it was an especially interesting experience to discover the Netherlands marketplace for our information and operational technology assets against cyber-attacks. We had a dozen meetings, including with some interested system integrators." 

Like Origone, the EIT Digital “Web Application Firewall for Large-scale phishing attacks - WAFFLE” Innovation Activity fights against phishing, which is recognized as the most common way for cyber-attackers to break organisational security.  Davide Varesano, COO at the Emaze Networks, one of the EIT Digital partners participating in the innovation activity said:

“Nowadays phishing is evolving and is not only delivered through email but also through social media, instant messaging, WhatsApp, etc. Therefore, detecting phishing from the early stages of attack is becoming relevant to elevating corporate security”. 

“There was great interest in the WAFFLE Phishsense phishing reputation service helping organisations to improve their ongoing defence processes for the identification, mitigation and prevention of phishing attacks, regardless of from where the threat comes. We will now provide access to our demo-site for a limited period so that they can test the service in real use.”

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