EIT Digital Master Student teams awarded for innovative IoT for Health ideas

Digital Health Days Hackathon winners - Master School students

Digital Health Days Hackathon winners - Master School students

In a session at the Digital Health Days 2015 (DHD) in Stockholm, presenting the outcome of the IoT Health Hackathon organised two weeks before the DHD conference, presented the three teams with the best solutions to the pre-selected challenges; Creating tools for all to live healthier lives, Creating tools for rehabilitation and Creating tools to help people with chronic diseases to increase their quality of life.

Awards were also given for the bravest idea in a category called "Bold and Beautiful" and one for the idea with largest benefit for society defined as "Heartily and Human" and in both these teams EIT Digital Master Students were active participants. They were complimented for their innovative approach.

"NeighborNET", winner of the Heartily and Human category. Team members: Irma Dittrich, Arya Kirathaoorthy, Yash Todar, Tor Carlsson & Gergö Bacsovics.

Download the 'NeightborNET' presentation here.

"NeighborNET": an intuitive communication tool that will relay and facilitate communication of digital information. The added value of the concept is achieved through the inter-connection between people, IoT-devices, personal social networks and communities.

The communication tool consists of a software platform that is capable of bringing real-life communities together, merging them with the power of IoT and modern decentralized social networking. The aim is to construct a strong connected local community.

Vision: In case of a medical emergency or adverse event, the trusted neighbors and health-care providers are notified, thus reducing the time-to-care by increasing the speed of assistance. Furthermore is it believed that this type of system could decrease the fear of loneliness and feel of isolation among particularly elderly users.

"Cognivoice: Track, Predict, Prevent", winner of the Bold and Beautiful category. Team members: Laura Jacquemod, Seyed Mohammad Fereshtehnejad, Christoph Peters, Mikko Honkanen & Jonas Aronius.

Download the 'Cognivoice: Track, Predict, Prevent' presentation here.

People with dementia do not only suffer from a gradual decline in their cognitive functions, but also from emotional and behavioural disturbances such as depression and aggression. This often results in stressful moments and a costly burden for them as well as for their family, friends and caregivers. Moreover, there is considerable heterogeneity in severity and trend of these impairments between patients, which motivates the need for a personalized healthcare approach. CogniVoice is an innovation in the field of IoT aimed towards dementia that will make it easier for family, caregivers and clinicians to provide patient support and a more efficient management approach when needed. Actually, real-time tracking, prediction and prevention of aggressive behaviours, cognition and mental health impairment will be achieved among dementia patients.

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