EIT Digital involves SMEs to build European Trusted Cloud solutions

Representatives from the SMEs

Trusted Cloud team in Helsinki

EIT Digital's Trusted Cloud high impact initiative is an ambitious approach to find a European solution to store digital data and contents, so that consumers and businesses in Europe do not have to worry on where and by whom their valuable digital age assets are handled.

In the Trusted Cloud high impact initiative the small and large companies (British Telecom, Telecom Italia, F-Secure) across Europe are learning from each other and accelerating the building of partnerships and customer-driven businesses.

"This activity is a great example of growing collaboration and innovation when the vision of the big picture is solid. We already see a growing interest to European alternatives for cloud solutions and especiallly the 8 small companies are finding our support extremely valuable, both in technology and mentorships. EIT Digital creates a beautiful framework for building this ecosystem", explains Markku Kutvonen, activity leader for Trusted Cloud. 

The eight SMEs selected to work on the Trusted Cloud are:  

3D Repo from UK is an open source version control system for collaborative management of large-scale Building Information Modelling (BIM) over the Internet. Instead of architects, engineers and stakeholders sharing massive files in a costly and time consuming manner, they can simply point their web browser to a secure cloud-based repository in order to examine all project stages virtually, even on mobile devices. 

Chino from Italy provides a cost-effective service for application developers to safely store and manage sensitive data, seamlessly applying existing privacy laws and policies. Chino gives the app developers an opportunity to outsource law compliance issues and to focus on value added activities such as app development and satisfying their users needs. Chino focuses especially on mobile health applications. Chino won the EIT ICT Labs 2014 Idea Challenge on Privacy, Security and Trust. 

DataAi is a data science consultant firm from UK. DataAi’s projects are focused on data exploration, proof-of-concept development, conceptualization and products. In the Trusted Cloud initiative DataAi works on a data set provided by Thales to detect abnormal maritime traffic behaviour with machine learning algorithms.  

Finbiosoft is a Finnish software company specialized in clinical diagnostics. Finbiosoft has introduced a unique and disruptive cloud-based (SaaS) software, Validation Manager™, which makes validation of diagnostic tests truly easy and is able to cut down even 95% of the time needed for validations. 

Interplay from Italy provides a range of services in software – from consultancy, software development, turn-key project implementation and interactive videos. Interplay will in the Trusted Cloud initiative develop an application for retailers based on gamification. The Gamified Store app offers the user a ‘mission’, guiding her to tasks to perform; and rewards her with points, or badges, for her achievements.

Lukoton Experience Oy has developed a solution that fits to almost all existing locking solutions and virtualises the mechanical key and other access medias (tags, PIN codes) and makes them distributable over the Internet. This “Internet of Locks” solution consists of an embedded lock controlling module, mobile phone application and access control web server. With the Trusted Cloud initiative Lukoton will introduce a new service business model in which facility access rights are managed, distributed and sold from a trusted cloud.

PixelPin from UK provides a highly secure, user-friendly and personalised visual authentication service that strengthens user engagement and brand loyalty, whilst ensuring a higher level of security than traditional alphanumeric passwords.  PixelPin’s innovative solution uses a photo instead of a PIN or password to login. PixelPin’s vision is to provide a secure, private and engaging replacement to passwords, social logins such as Facebook, and biometric solutions.

The Italian company U-Hopper is a high-tech startup developing ICT solutions for the retail and marketing sectors. U-Hopper is working on a new service providing a user profiling service augmenting the Personal Data Storage with knowledge extracted from online social networks. The service will be hosted on the Trusted Cloud infrastructure. 

Author - Suvi Lavinto

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