EIT Digital interface gives trusted cloud silver lining by cracking down on malicious content

EIT Digital interface gives trusted cloud silver lining by cracking down on malicious content

The drive to accelerate the European trusted cloud takes a major step forward as European cyber security provider F-Secure starts routing out malicious content in cloud platforms, using an interface produced by an EIT Digital innovation activity.

On November 4, 2016, F-Secure announced its new "file and link" content protection software, which utilises the deliverables of the Trusted Data Management with Service Ecosystem innovation activity of EIT Digital. The Trusted Data Management innovation activity aims to accelerate European trusted cloud businesses and ecosystems by providing better tools and services for consumers and businesses to take greater control over the use of personal and sensitive data.

Mr. Markku Kutvonen, Director of External R&D Collaboration at F-Secure Corporation, and the lead of the EIT Digital innovation activity said:

"We have seen big digital transformations in cloudification, Internet-of-Things and EU regulations. This EIT Digital activity will create the means to support European companies in adapting to new security and privacy challenges and enable better protection for their customers from cyberthreats. F-Secure has piloted, with the partners taking part in this activity, a way to remove malicious files and URL's in cloud services, at the times when everything is managed in the cloud and the only user interface is via the browser in a device. This adds important layer of customer security to any independent software vendor's offering."

While cloud computing services have many benefits for companies, security remains a shared responsibility between service providers and customers. Businesses and indiduals using cloud services are responsible for the content they exchange through the service and service providers are required to make the connection secure. Solutions that help secure the content are going to be a big part of securing the cloud.

In addition to F-Secure, other EIT Digital partners participating in the Trusted Data Management with Service Ecosystem Innovation Activity include: British Telecom, Telecom Italia, Reply, Bittium and multitude of SME's and research institutions.

Mr. Kutvonen, continued:

"Thanks to the multiorganisational work model of the innovation activity, we were able to create an ecosystem that combines SME's and bigger corporations in building great services together, addressing real customer problems - something which would have been difficult to achieve otherwise."

In its press release F-Secure states that the F-Secure Cloud Protection file and link content protection software was unveiled at Salesforce's Dreamforce '16 sales conference. First customer pilots are under way and F-Secure expects to launch the solution globally in 2017.

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