EIT Digital Innovations on display at Manufacturing Performance Days in Finland

Manufacturing Performance Days in Finland

Engines are warming up, as company executives, researchers and opinion leaders get ready for Manufacturing Performance Days (MPD), an invitation-only event set to take place on May 29-31 in Tampere, Finland.

Close to 1,000 participants, up from 600 two years ago, are expected to attend MPD 2017, to discuss different aspects of competitiveness, resilience, Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet in manufacturing industry, under this year's "Towards Outcome Economy" claim.

An EIT Digital delegation, composed of business developers, scaleups and innovators contributing to the organization's Digital Industry and Digital Infrastructure Action Lines, will be present at the kermess.

"MPD represents for us a very good opportunity to approach decision makers or executives of important companies like ABB, Siemens and many others. If I tried to approach any big executive out of the blue, they would not talk with me, but with the organization's name behind and with the help of their business developers is different," Estonian entrepreneur Maxim Kostin says.

Kostin is the founder and CEO of Digiflak, a scaleup that joined EIT Digital's accelerator in January to gain access to market and finance as to grow globally. Digiflak's main product is the Flak Secuter, a highly innovative all-in-one device that secures and protects computer-held data for its entire "internet life". Its technology also allows companies to automatically create secure channels between machines, servers and operators, something extremely valuable for the manufacturing industry.

Another EIT Digital supported scaleup, Streamr, also attending, provides an end-to-end data pipeline from the initial reception and storage of real-time data to processing, calculation of streaming analytics, and taking automatic action. "In short, we provide companies with a scalable and cloud-based low-code platform, which makes it easy to create applications and services on top of real-time data," Streamr's COO Risto Karjalainen explains.

Streamr's clientele consists of software developers, data scientists, and data engineers. There are customers in several industries ranging from marine technology (Rolls-Royce) to telecommunications (Moi and others) through to digital journalism (Alma Talent), with financing from Google DNI fund.

Last but not least, among the scaleups participating, is Italian company ISCLEANAIR, which has patented a technology that works at ground level to abate most pollutants released in the air.

Its APA (Air Pollution Abatement) devices are characterized by their effectiveness - they are able to abate up to 99.7% of indoor pollutants and 90% of those present outdoor - and by their limited costs of maintenance, installation and management.

"EIT Digital presented us this opportunity and we were very happy to accept, as we are excited to disseminate to key stakeholders our vision and actions. To solve the great issues coming from pollution, we need consistent and concrete activities and real clean tech solutions," CEO Giuseppe Spanto says.

Two EIT Digital Innovation Activities will also attend the conference.

Dutch company Bright Cape will be demoing at the event EIT Digital's Product Quality Prediction innovation activity, which will allow companies to save time and reduce costs for quality checks in mass production lines.

Another Innovation Activity, Telecom Diagnostics, which is developing a new commercial solution to capture all telecoms diagnostic information in a single platform, making it easier to pinpoint the root cause of the problem and therefore reducing time and costs needed to solved it, will be showcased by Swedish company Mavenoid.

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