EIT Digital Alumnus scaleup Kiunsys becomes part of Engineering Group


Municipia S.p.A. - a subsidiary of Italian multinational group Engineering - has acquired 100% of Kiunsys, a company founded as a spin-off of the University of Pisa and an EIT Digital Accelerator alumnus. Kiunsys is an innovative scaleup, specializing in the design and production of hardware, software and Internet of Things technologies designed to implement advanced projects in the Smart Mobility, Smart Parking and City Logistics fields.

The scaleup's solutions for urban mobility  are already operational in over 80 cities, including Hamburg, Bucharest, Florence, Mantua, Milan, Naples, Parma, Pisa and Verona, and provide services to tens of millions of citizens.

Among the important players who have chosen to rely on Kiunsys is Deutsche Telekom AG, in particular for the management of the PARK & JOY parking payment system, and Fès, a city in Morocco with over 1 million residents, which has chosen Kiunsys technologies for the entire management of urban mobility and parking.

With a package of more than 20 urban mobility services connected to sophisticated sensor systems, Kiunsys solutions make it possible to manage, on the basis of specific parameters established by the administrations, entrances to LTZ areas, car parks, the granting of permits, the regulation of transit and parking, as well as all digital channels of information and payment.

An offer that aims to improve the level of livability and hospitality of cities, generates positive effects for business activities, significantly reduces urban traffic, pollution levels and oil consumption, and increases the propensity to use intermodality services and digital information and ticketing.

"Joining Municipia and, more broadly, the Engineering Group, represents for us a goal and a new starting point. By combining our specific experience with our strong expertise in processes and the Group's numerous other tools and services, we are certain that we will be able to carry out our mission of improving the quality of life and the relationship between citizens and local administrations both on a national and international scale," Paolo Lanari, founder and CEO of Kiunsys said in a statement.


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