EIT Digital Accelerator congratulates its alumnus scaleup Karos for its €4.2 Million fundraising


EIT Digital Accelerator is proud to have its alumnus French scaleup Karos who had won the 2015 EIT Digital Challenge in the Digital Cities category making a huge step forward with the announcement of its €4.2 Million fundraising with Aster, Alto Invest, Aglaé Ventures, la Financiere Saint James and with the well-known French Business Angels Xavier Niel, Franck Le Ouay and Charles Egly.

Olivier Binet, CEO of Karos declares: "This fundraising allows us to have the means to achieve our ambitions: we want to grow our user community from 110,000 to 500,000 members within 18 months, in close collaboration with our corporate and local community clients. We also intend to become the reservation platform for the future shared autonomous vehicle, connected to public transports. We are very grateful for the support EIT Digital Accelerator provided us some time ago as it definitely helped us to scale up."

Karos on mobile"Karos has literally reinvented urban mobility: they provide local authorities with a new collaborative and ecological transportation network. It is a cost-effective alternative to buses and trams in medium or low-density areas. Their disruptive approach using AI, reduces traffic congestion, local pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. They have the future of transports in their hands and I’m personally very proud to have helped them when they were part of our Accelerator in 2016 says Daniel Michel, Head of Access to Finance at EIT Digital.

About Karos

Founded in 2014 by Olivier Binet (CEO) and Tristan Croiset (CTO), Karos develops a disruptive approach to short-distance carpooling. It is building a brand for a new interlinked transportation network so that people can commute every day in a reliable, affordable and ecological way. Thanks to predictive algorithms leveraging machine learning and big data technologies, Karos makes carpooling effortless and reliable for daily trips through an intuitive mobile application.

Karos's mission is to eliminate traffic jams and significantly improve the air quality.

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