Digital Trends in 2018: Disruptive Digital Innovation in Europe

Digital Trends in 2018: Disruptive Digital Innovation in Europe

Every year, EIT Digital and its network of over 150 partners develop new products and services following the latest digital trends, focusing on 5 areas of innovation which have the greatest economic and societal impact.


Digital Solutions for the Industrial Sector

EIT Digital’s mission is to improve efficiency in production and retail, to better address customer needs and to help save natural resources in manufacturing and logistics. This year sees a rise in the use of high-speed drones for last mile deliveries, as well as automated vehicles that move packages within the warehouse, reducing costs and smoothing up the flow of people. EIT Digital has also invested in incorporating AI and AR technology in retail to engage customers and improve efficiency on the shop floor.


Using Technology to Create Smart Cities

Digital trends - DroneAn increasing number of European cities are implementing technological systems to improve safety, mobility and sustainability. EIT Digital has invested in the digital transformation of cities to support collaborative interactions between government, service providers and citizens. Digital trends for 2018 focus on information technologies that make cities more transparent and open to the participation of citizens, as well as the development of drones, which have multiple uses in the city including:

  • Smart policing, including monitoring crowds and detecting criminal activity. This could also include traffic management.
  • Environmental inspections of oil or gas pipelines, power lines or railways, as well as detecting pollutants.
  • Situational awareness and collecting information during disasters, as well as locating people and providing supplies.


Innovative Digital Infrastructure Trends

Digital trends - IoTEIT Digital provides solutions focused on the development of Internet of Things (IoT), network performance and improved cyber security. This includes security services for critical infrastructures, API-based technology safety and ultra-low energy wireless sensor nodes which will reduce energy consumption and improve battery lifetime prediction for smart devices. EIT Digital has also developed an advanced connectivity platform for vertical segments (ACTIVE), which provides a unified approach for developers and industry to support the widespread growth in IoT.


Technology-driven Wellbeing Strategies

This year, EIT Digital also focusses on the development of disruptive digital wellbeing technologies targeted at professional workers in occupational wellbeing, active health ageing and elderly people at home (prevention). New solutions are being developed which aim to reduce pressure on European healthcare systems while slowing down ever-rising healthcare costs. These include:

  • Electric actuator technology for hospital beds, scanners or mobile lifts, which both patients and carers can benefit from.
  • Unobtrusive sensors integrated into clothes and accessories that will monitor the health of users seamlessly and enable the early detection and prevention of diseases.
  • Smart inhalers that can track the person’s asthma management and send medication prompts.


Digital Trends for 2018 in Finance

While political discussions and trade negotiations continue to have an impact in 2018, digital trends incorporating disruptive technologies will provide innovative services to transform the finance industry. EIT Digital has invested in solutions such as robo advisors that manage assets, blockchain-based banking services with interactive designs that put the customer’s experience first, tools that automate and simplify financial tasks for companies as well as AI systems with the ability to process the significantly expanded big data as a result of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

EIT Digital will present over 50 new products and services following the digital trends of 2018 that will re-shape Europe’s digital landscape at the EIT Digital Conference. The event will be held in Brussels on 11 September 2018. Find out more about the digital innovations that will be showcased, and sign up to receive updates about the conference.


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