Data security & privacy: EIT Digital presents its vision and start-ups at FIC 2016

Privacy, Security & Trust Business Community at FIC 2016


For many years, data security & privacy had come under the umbrella of information systems security. This time is over, due to the increasing decorrelation between container (application or physical structures) and content induced by emerging virtualization technologies, cloud computing and new economic models. Data has become an “object” per se and is now to be treated independently from its container.
The overarching theme of data security & privacy is at the core of FIC 2016, 8th edition of the international cyber security forum, that takes place in Lille on January 25 and 26.
The FIC has become the European reference event in digital trust. EIT Digital, as partner of FIC 2016, presents its vision in cyber security and privacy in the workshop on “Clusters and cyber security: how to support the development of the industry?”. Jovan Golic, Action line leader for Privacy, Security and Trust, has been invited to give a talk at the workshop that will discuss the role of Europe’s clusters dedicated to cyber security and digital affairs, what do they have in common, and what are their distinctive features.
The FIC is also a meeting place of industry representatives, start-ups and investors in cyber security. At the exhibition EIT Digital presents 8 innovative and scale-up ready start-ups from its Business Community in Privacy, Security & Trust:

  • Digiflak (Estonia) provides all-in-one security devices, which are designed to protect the sensitive data or information of end users and companies. Digiflak is EIT Digital Idea Challenge 2015 winner in cyber security & privacy.
  • Mynigma (Germany) provides a new kind of email client with built-in privacy. It offers secure encryption as an automatic feature, not as an afterthought. Mynigma got the 2nd prize of Idea Challenge 2015 in the category cyber security & privacy.
  • Storro (Netherlands) has developed Coblue - tools enabling users to control and secure their data. Coblue got the 3rd prize of Idea Challenge 2015 in the category cyber security & privacy.
  • (Italy) provides secure API & Storage for health data according to EU data protection law. is a winner of EIT Digital Idea Challenge 2014 in cyber security & privacy.
  • Qkey (Netherlands) has developed the first mobile authentication token that is certifiable at the same security level as a physical smart card.
  • Cryptalk (Hungary) provides secure calling and messaging service to protect communication from eavesdroppers.
  • Sentryo (France) – Sentryo ICS Cyber vision protects critical industrial networks against cyber attacks and provides network managers with full situation awareness.
  • Guardsquare (Belgium) is the world’s leading provider of optimization and protection of software for Java and for Android. Guardsquare protects apps agains reverse-engineering and malware. 

EIT Digital start-ups are supported by the Privacy, Security and Trust Business Community in accessing international markets. Therefore the activity leader of the Business Community, Wolfgang Kniejski, invited also the PST Business Developers for a kick-off meeting in Lille to decide on the market segmentation and to plan concrete events and other activities for 2016, targeting important markets and market players on international level. 
FIC sees participation of service providers, trusted security solution professionals as well as end users from the public and academic sector. More than 4350 visitors are expected. FIC 2016 hosts also key European decision makers. Opening address was given by Günter Oettinger, the European Commissioner for Digital Economy & Society.

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