Crowdfunding: Panoramic Ball Camera Panono aims product launch for big audience

Interview with Björn Bollensdorff, CEO at Panono. 

What is your product? What does it do? “We produce the Panono Camera, a throwable panoramic ball camera that captures a complete panoramic image of the scene as the ball reaches its highest point. You can look at those 360° x 360° panoramas your computer, your iPad or any other device to re-experience important moments in your life. For sure you can also print these.” 

And who are you? “I am one of the three founders of Panono. I have been working on the software for our panoramic camera ball as well as on the iOS-app, and I am responsible for marketing and communications. My co-founder Jonas developed the prototype we now want to bring to the customer as well as resellers, who are anxiously waiting for that moment.”

What is the role of EIT ICT Labs? “EIT ICT Labs helps us to get in contact with investors on the one hand and startups on the other. Through EIT ICT Labs we are able to present our product in other European countries and to use those valuable contacts we build there.”

What do you want to achieve with this crowdfunding project? “We need the money to finish the development and build the camera that came to sudden popularity after launching a short video of the prototype over two years ago. We received thousands of mails by people saying they want to buy the panoramic camera ball which was not for sale yet! But now you can support us and pre-order a Panono Camera at Indiegogo. With the 900.000 USD we are now aiming to bring together, we will produce chips and parts, put together the product, and enter the market.”

Your message to us? “Thanks for your support and your pre-orders so far. And please help us to make us to put into effect this new way of taking pictures!”

Click here for a video and a link to support Panono (at And click here for a fantastic panoramic demo picture.


Panono on National TV

On December 9, Jonas Pfeil demonstrated his Panono Camera at Stefan Raab's national TV show, click here for a video  (in German).


Check in the box 

On January 3, 2014, Panono reached its crowdfunding goal of 900.000 USD. Congratulations, guys!


Prolongation of successful campaign 

Since the crowdfunding campaign was such a big success, it was even prolonged. Intersted parties can still joint the campaign until January 12 (Sunday), 2014, and purchase a throwball camera.


Panono at CES in Las Vegas 

The throwball camera Panono now made it to #CES2014 in Las Vegas. The German News Network Heute Journal by ZDF interviewed Jonas Pfeil on site at the fair (see video starting at 27:25).

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