Congratulations EIT Digital Master School students for winning Best Public Magnet C-Awards 2015!

Speakasso demo at C-Awards 2015 finals

Speakasso demo at C-Awards 2015 finals

Mario Romero in good company with the EIT Digital Master School students

Mario Romero in good company with the EIT Digital Master School students

Nora Tojedo at C-Awards for Speakasso project

Nora Tojedo at C-Awards for Speakasso project

"Before it was all about speaking slowly and clearly so you can be heard by others, with Speakasso it is more about exploring your speech so you can paint and inspire others."

Speakasso video:

The EIT Digital Master students at KTH that select the course Information Visualization at KTH usually get nominated and often win prizes for their projects. Mario Romero, teacher at VIC was proud to share that this year there were eight nominations in total to the C- Awards and that in the final the Best Public Magnet was awarded to Speakasso. The award intends to encourage the developers to continue exploring innovative solutions for public spaces using interaction design and visualization.

The C Awards is an annual competition organised by the Swedish Centre for Visualisation, (Visualiseringscenter C), where innovative student projects in visualization get a chance to be realized. It is a joint arena for universities, business, research and the public, focusing on modern technology and talents.

- We think that Speakasso won the Public Magnet award due to its playful and explorative approach that gives the user a new perspective on speech features and conversational behavior. It is very simple to use Speakasso, you only need a computer with a microphone and hop on our website ( start playing, says the happy team members, represented by Nora Tejedo at the event.

The Speakasso team consists of Alexandre Andrieux , Arthur Câmara, Vera Fuest, Mladen Milivojevic, Midas Nouwens, Konstantina Pantagaki and Nora Tojeda.


SPEAKASSO is a web-based, interactive visualization generator that creates an artistic interpretation of your speech or conversation. Public speeches and conversations with other people permeate our everyday lives but the ephemeral nature of these events makes it difficult to observe and evaluate ourselves. Recordings and written transcripts are useful in hindsight but inadequate for real-time feedback - that is why SPEAKASSO is designed to give the user a rare third-person perspective on their speech features and conversational behaviour.

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Course Information Visualisation and news about the projects developed at VIC, KTH:

The course includes techniques and principles for visualization of information with examples, demonstrations and lab assignments within different applications. The students are expected to see and use current tools within the focus of the course and will utilize software tools for information visualization that are being used within industry, public sector and academia.

More information available on the KTH website.

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