Co-location Centres say Farewell to Master School students

EIT ICT Labs Master Schools’ students who spent their second year in Budapest completed their final exams successfully

Farewell in Eindhoven

Stockholm, Master School students on a boat trip

EIT ICT Labs Co-location Centres organised farewell events for their 1st year Master School students who move one to another partner university and for their 2nd years who are finishing their studies to start their careers.

Last week, the EIT ICT Labs Master Schools’ students who spent their second year in Budapest completed their final exams successfully. To celebrate the very end of the two year international program, the Budapest staff organised a grill party for them, which was prepared and served by the team of the Co-location Centre.

End of June, the Co-location Centre in Eindhoven organised a farewell creativity workshop in which the 1st years and some 2nd years participated. For the 2nd years a special end-session will be organised to get more focus on the career perspectives in the Netherlands. The creativity workshop challenged the students to improve creative and problem solving thinking. Strategies to reach the next level were presented and practiced through a business case to bring an innovative idea to the market. This was big fun for the students! Patrick Strating, Node Director EIT ICT Labs Eindhoven underlined in his farewell speech the importance of the Alumni Foundation and handed over a little ‘souvenir’ to the 1st years. The event ended with a dinner party and exchange of addresses.

The farewell event in the Co-location Centre in Trentotook place mid-June. Students were greet by Roberto Saracco, Trento Node Director, and Maurizio Marchese, Professor and Coordinator for the EIT ICT Labs Education programme at the University of Trento. Lively discussions took place about the role of the entrepreneurship oriented studies to start a successful career. Students shared their impressions of the first year and gave a hint of their future plans. The event ended with a delicious networking buffet at the Co-location Centre.

The Co-location Centre Stockholm organised a farewell event mid-May. At this event, the 1st year students presented their business projects carried out in the module Innovation & Entrepreneurship to their peers and the first round of graduating Master School students. Some of 2nd year students have been lucky to continue from working on their thesis to getting employment and staying in the Kista ecosystem. Others have startup ideas to develop or pursuing an academic career with an outlook to the EIT ICT Labs Doctoral School. At the end of the event, the students and CLC team enjoyed a farewell party on an old steam engine boat. Although the boat tour was on a chilly evening in May it was much appreciated and the spirits were high.

We wish all the students the very best of luck, creativity, innovations, business insights and an entrepreneurial career!

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