Cloud & Network Infrastructures: new major EIT Digital Master School

The EIT Digital Master School is launching a new technical major in Cloud & Network Infrastructure (CNI) within its European network of top technology universities.

The EIT Digital Master School is launching a new technical major in Cloud & Network Infrastructure (CNI) within its European network of top technology universities.

The EIT Digital Master School is launching a new technical major in Cloud & Network Infrastructures (CNI) within its European network of top technology universities. The major will start in the academic year beginning in 2019 and students with a computer science background can apply for this new programme from November 2018 onwards. The new major was announced during the recent EIT Digital Master School Kick-Off in Paris.

According to Axel Küpper, Professor in Service-centric Networking at the Technische Universität Berlin and Programme Lead CNI, for the EIT Digital Master School, the new CNI programme is needed because a new era of cloudified networks is around the corner. "This will bring a tremendous push towards digital transformation in various business domains, and also requires a new set of experts and specialists working in the field. These experts need to understand the fundamentals of networking and cloud computing and must be capable of making judgements about how innovations in these fields affect existing business models or open up room for new ones. Furthermore, they must be able to operate, maintain and develop the corresponding infrastructures and build applications and services that make use of them."

From the academic year 2019-20, the current programmes in Internet Technology & Architecture and Cloud Computing & Services will be merged into the new Cloud & Network Infrastructure major. The new major provides a holistic understanding of network and cloud computing. Students will be equipped with profound knowledge of network management, operation and design on the one hand and cloud service and deployment models, implementation strategies, and application design on the other. In addition, the programme focuses on future directions of cloud computing, for example in the fields of edge and fog computing, blockchains and distributed ledger applications.

CNI graduates will be qualified for jobs in international and local organisations in both technical and business roles. Typical positions include network designers, ICT managers, cloud CTOs and cloud infrastructure architects. Thanks to their multidisciplinary competences, EIT Digital Master School graduates are valuable in open innovation settings where different aspects of business (market, users, social issues, media technologies) meet. They can also go on to academic research careers through continued doctoral studies, such as the industrial doctorates offered by the EIT Digital Doctoral School.

The CNI major can be studied at six of the eighteen partner universities of the EIT Digital Master School. These are; Aalto University, TU Berlin, Université Rennes 1, Sorbonne Université, KTH Stockholm and Universitá de Trento. Bachelor students with a background in computer science and Internet Technology can apply for this or other technical majors from 16 November 2018 when the application portal will be open for new entries.

More details of all the EIT Digital Master School programmes can be found on the EIT Digital Master School website.

The EIT Digital Master School is a European network of top technical universities that, since 2012, has been offering technical masters programmes and a business minor in innovation and entrepreneurship. Students learn how to translate technology into business success, and this learning starts at the annual Kick-Off event that marks the beginning of each new academic year. "The cross-disciplinary technical major/business minor combination does make our T-shaped EIT Digital students attractive to industry, but their entrepreneurial spirit is so high that many graduates instead start their own digital businesses," says Anders Flodström, Education Director of the EIT Digital Academy.

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