CLC Eindhoven welcomed Master School students

EIT ICT Labs Master School students in the Netherlands study at the 3 Dutch partner universities located in Delft, Eindhoven and Enschede. Because it wa not fesible to get Master School students from the 3 Dutch universities together in one Meet & Greet the CLC organised two welcoming events. The students studying at the TU/d (Delft) and TU/e (Eindhoven) had a handshake in the Meet & Greet on 28 August. The students from the Technical University Enschede joined the Meet & Greet on 19 September. In total 39 EIT ICT labs Master School students were warmly welcomed. 

Introduction to the CLC

Main objective of the Meet & Greet in Eindhoven was to introduce the team of the Co-location Centre, the action line Health & Wellbeing, Business development and partners. For the students the Meet & Greet is an informal opportunity to get along with the Co-location Centre and experience a bit of working at the High Tech Campus. Although the study facilities are excellent at the Dutch technical partner unversities, all the students are invited to use the facilities of the Co-location Centre as well. Evidently students who touch base with the CLC regularly, get easier in touch with action line activities, business developers and startups. 

Also for students that are not located close to the Co-location Centre there are ways to collaborate with activities. For example in Enschede there is core partner Novay residing and one of the EIT ICT Labs' business developers is at the Technical University at a regular basis. Actually, what we see right now, is that Master School students are contacting the action line and business developers to discuss the chances for collaboration. Although the Master School programma is very demanding, the students argue that they are proud to be an EIT ICT Labs Master School student and that they want to 'give something back'. 

Part of this year' Meet & Greet programme was a visit to the Philips Light Application Centre. This was very special as visits to this centre are reserved for prospects from industry. Now the importance of light and influence on consumers behaviour was explained to our group of EIT ICT Labs Master School students. 

Contact: Else Embregts, Manager Marketing Communications, EIT ICT Labs Eindhoven.

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