Car that talks to the road... at the Researchers' Night 2013 in Trento

During the Researchers' Night 2013 EIT ICT Labs presented Car-2-X activity that shows how cooperative networking among vehicles and infrastructure enables applications for a safer, more efficient and cleaner mobility. 

The project is lead and was presented by the CRF. Car-2-X is an activity developed by the EIT ICT Labs' Pan-European network. The project involves joint effort of 10 partners from industry and research belonging to the Italian, German, Dutch and Swedish nodes, providing expertise and studies in the field, testing facilities and simulation tools, as well as prototype components and systems.  

In the last decade all relevant stakeholders of Intelligent Transportation have been working together to improve the technological building blocks of cooperative mobility networks. Throughout the different research activities, Car‐2‐X is proving a very effective tools to enhance users’ awareness of the surrounding driving conditions, providing relevant information to reduce traffic jams, creating combined solutions for green driving and providing safety alerts sufficiently in advance to allow proper manoeuvres and avoid risky situations. 

At the Research Marathon that was organises during the Researchers' Night 2013, Roberto Saracco (EIT ICT Labs Italy, Node Director) talked about the many supports that are available today to make entrepreneurship within reach of young people, including of course the support offered by the EIT ICT LABS, and Fabio Pianesi (EIT ICT Labs, Research Director) explained how function Territorial Labs.

Researchers' Night was a possibility to learn also about activities carried out by EIT ICT Labs ecosystem in Italy. Just to mention a few: Smart Crowds and TechPeaks presented by Trento RISE, Mobile Territorial Labs presented by Telecom Italia and FBK, and many more projects by the FBK and University of Trento that showed what researchers really do and why does research matter for the daily life of everyone.

Researchers' Night is a mega event taking place every year on a single September night in about 300 cities all over Europe. 



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