Call for Papers: CPS in 2014 Embedded Systems Week, in Delhi

On October 17th, a workshop on Embedded and Cyber-Physical Systems Education (WESE) will take place in Delhi, India, organized as a part of the yearly Embedded Systems Week. Experts are invited to submit their scientific papers in the field of Embedded systems, Cyber-physical systems, and Internet of things now. 

The focus for this year’s edition is in particular to raise questions for the education of tomorrow - What skills and capabilities are required by the engineers of tomorrow and how should the corresponding educational programs be formed in order to provide experts ready to engineer the Cyber-Physical Systems that will greatly impact our future society?


Embedded and cyber-physical systems design requires multidisciplinary skills from areas such as control and signal processing theory, electronics, computer engineering and science, telecommunication and networking, physical systems modeling, etc., as well as application domain knowledge. Demand for embedded and cyber-physical system engineers has motivated a growing interest in the question of educating specialists in this domain. As system designs grow more complex and the time to market diminishes, quality education becomes more and more important. The WESE workshop series aims to bring researchers, educators, and industrial representatives together to assess needs and share design, research, and experiences in embedded and cyber-physical systems education.

Application deadline for papers 

Papers can be submitted until July 31st. For more information click here.

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