Call for applications: The SoftFIRE Project has launched its final Challenge


This is a call to all technologists, visionaries, practitioners involved in NFV, SDN and 5G.

The Network Function Virtualisation, NFV, and Software Defined Network, SDN, technologies promise to deeply change the way in which Software Network architectures will take shape, e.g. in 5G and large cloud systems and data networks. Even if the technologies are consolidating, still many issues and challenges are to be coped with. The SoftFIRE project has been working on many of these issues in the recent years and it has developed a federated platform used by several experimenters for proving new capabilities and functionalities.

Now it is time for the SoftFIRE Project to launch its final Challenge on NFV/SDN/5G technologies for original developments, experiments, trials and tests to be carried out on its virtualized and federated testbed infrastructure.

We are now looking for ground-breaking proposals to move these technologies one step further and solve the issues that still are present addressing technologists, visionaries, academics, practitioners and experts of the sector to showcase how their technological solutions can improve virtualization platforms, or to show how new compelling services and applications can be developed on top of an NFV/SDN middleware.

Challenge objectives and streams

For this Challenge, SoftFIRE is especially interested in receiving proposals that address:

  • interoperability/extension of the platform,
  • creation/consolidation of services and/or
  • creation of applications on top of the infrastructure

Proposals should address one of these streams: Interworking, Programmability and/or

Call deadline: 31 January 2018 at 17:00h CET (Brussels time)

Following prizes are offered for each stream (total budget € 225.000):

  • 1st Prize: € 40.000
  • 2nd Prize: € 25.000
  • 3rd Prize: € 10.000

More detailed information can be found on SoftFIRE Project's website:

General questions related to the Challenge can be sent to,

Coordinators of the SoftFIRE project:

Roberto Minerva (email:
Susanne Kuehrer (email:

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