Business Modelling and Development Course in Budapest

Eötvös Loránd University, leader of EIT Digital Budapest Associate Partner is organising a "Business Modelling and Development" (BMD) course from 10 September to 3 December 2015 in Budapest.

The course is announced for PhD students in Computer Science.

The Business Modelling and Development course is aiming to introduce the doctoral candidates to commercialisation of potential business ideas and turning an idea into real business. The participants will learn to refine the idea to such a point that it can be seriously considered as a basis for creating a business.

After the Business Modelling and Development and development component, the doctoral candidates will:

  • Be able to create a consistent business plan for a new venture in their respective disciplines.
  • Be able to evaluate the business opportunities in the field of high technology, including legal and regulatory issues in their discipline.
  • Understand both the market-driven and technology push based business ideas.
  • Be able to evaluate market potential for a new venture, service or product.
  • Have a holistic and in-depth understanding of the interaction between business functions within a company.
  • Master the creation, protection and exploitation of IP and other intangible assets in a firm.
  • Master the management of IP and intangible assets and understand their connections to a strategic business development and planning.
  • Have strong presentation skills to market a new venture or a business concept.
  • Know about how to create and maintain brand(s) and manage brand(s).
  • Have stronger skills in organising teamwork.
  • Know how to negotiate a new venture and communicate with potential investors.
  • Know how to secure funding in early stage of business development.
  • Be able to manage business and innovation development projects as a part of strategic business planning.

Click here (PDF format) to read the detailed course description.

Dates: Biweekly from 10 September to 3 December 2015.


EIT Digital Budapest Associate Partner

H - 1117 Budapest, Bogdánfy utca 10/a


The deadline for registration is Wednesday 1 September 2015.

To register please complete the application form (Word format) and send it to Mr. Bálint Fügi, DTC administrator:

The number of participants is limited to 30. Registration is binding.

Lectures, social program and serving are free of charge for the participants, as described in the program.

Contact information:

Should you have any questions about the event, please complete the application form and send it to Mr. Bálint Fügi E-mail:
Phone: 36-1-381-2299

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