Budapest CLC hosted an event for young Entrepreneurs

Budapest APG’s goal is to offer opportunities for young entrepreneurs both to get familiar with Budapest CLC and also provide place for their events which are related to EIT ICT Labs activities.

Budapest CLC hosted an event "Generational change in the life of a Hungarian company from the perspective of a successful young entrepreneur" organised by the Junior Members of ÉrMe on the 17 of February. The presentation was held by Dezső Farkas és Kristóf Pomogyi.

Over 40 young entrepreneurs participated on the event where Zoltán Horváth, the Director of the Budapest Associate Partner Group presented the activities and the results of the BAPG, and introduced EIT ICT Labs’ master and doctoral programs to the participants. It was announced for the Junior Members of ÉrMe, but EIT ICT Labs students and colleagues were also encouraged to attend.

ÉrME is a Club for Christian Businessmen and Entrepreneurs in Hungary that was set up with a view to establish a network amongst businessmen and organisations that have determined to reconcile their participation in business life with basic Christian and Hungarian values and for whom success is not the sole purpose of business as they have also decided to create a financial background for their solidarity with the most vulnerable in their local and wider environment.

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