Bringing light into dark data: Spanish scaleup Datumize joins EIT Digital Accelerator

Spanish scaleup Datumize joins EIT Digital Accelerator

Spanish scaleup Datumize joins EIT Digital Accelerator

The Barcelona based scaleup Datumize has joined the EIT Digital Accelerator. Datumize helps companies to leverage their Dark Data: Only 20% of data generated by companies in their regular operations is used to make decisions - the other 80% is never collected nor stored, dismissing a great asset to feed business and operational intelligence. Datumize enables companies to leverage dark data from unexplored data sources such as network transactions, IoT, Wi-Fi technology, industrial networks or distributed locations and gain compelling insights to create growth opportunities.

“Having proved value with relevant clients in our key industries travel, logistics, and hospitality, we now want to accelerate our growth,” says Nacho Lafuente, CEO of Datumize. “To that end, we rely on nourishing a healthy network of partners like system integrators and resellers that can implement turnkey solutions using our technology as the basis and providing exceptional value to new clients all over Europe.”

“Datumize’s technology feeds their customer’s business intelligence with new and better data, opening the door to new sales opportunities detection, operational performance improvements, cost reduction, and revenue increase,” says Javier Benito Bilbao from the EIT Digital Accelerator. “We are looking forward with our international team to help Datumize to expand internationally, making their solution available to customers all over Europe.” The EIT Digital Accelerator provides tailor-made growth support for European tech scaleups by helping secure international customers and raise capital. In 2019, the programme was recognized by the intelligence company UBI Global as a World Top Public Business Accelerator in the World Benchmark Study 2019 -2020, and ranked Top 4 Accelerator Brand in the Startup Heatmap Report Europe.

Datumize’s secret source is a proprietary and powerful data collection engine, Datumize Data Collector (DDC), that gets data from fancy sources that most other vendors do not consider, such as network transactions, IoT, Wi-Fi technologies, industrial networks or distributed locations. The software captures Dark Data smoothely, structures it using a data pipeline, and prepares it for creating valuable insights that can be used in any corporate system and solution. Datumize’s clients include Vueling, FM Logistic, CEPSA, Grupo Piñero, Yalago (Emirates Group) and Globalia.

Datumize’s competitive advantages:

  • Deep: Proprietary Enterprise Data Integration software to smoothly capture Dark Data, capable of accessing complex and unexplored data sources
  • Fast: Process using real-time data flow to prepare data for storage in an enterprise platform to unleash analytics and insights
  • Non-intrusive: With no impact on critical systems and no modifications to existing hardware and software systems.

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