Bridging the gap between research and innovation

The European Researchers' Night celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. It gives everybody an opportunity to become a scientist for a day, discover different scientific disciplines and, most of all, have fun.

All the events took place - simultaneously - on 25 September, in 280 cities across Europe and beyond. In Trento, series of interactive demos, workshops and theme activities lead adults and children to think about what guides our existence in everyday life. 

Research requires a lot of study and commitment. But how to transform research into business idea or product? 

EIT Digital Master and Doctoral students presented their projects developed in the “Start Up Lab” - an innovative learning experience focused on customer centric creativity, idea generation, and business idea optimization. They presented Universus, an automatic telescope that can be installed in city squares. The sun and the moon seen from the solar H-alpha telescope seem incredibly close! Students presented also Navigation Belt that is tailored for safe navigation no only for blind people, but also for tourists, athletes, and cyclists. MindMe app was presented as well. It improve the work at the office through real time analysis of the wellbeing, anti-stress games and weekly advises on how to improve the quality of life in the office environment. 

EIT Digital Accelerator team explained how they bridge the gap between research and innovation in the Data Economy. Often new business ideas are born in the research environment. EIT Digital business developers explained how they support start-ups in scaling up their business at the European level. Chino.ioSpazio dati and Corehab – three start-ups located in Trento shared their business growth story with the visitors of the European Researchers’ Night. 

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