Back to school to move business forward at EIT Digital Summer Schools

Matilda Åberg-Wennerholm (Nordic Medical endorsement manager at Philips Personal Health in Sweden) at the EIT Digital Academy Summer School

Matilda Åberg-Wennerholm (Nordic Medical endorsement manager at Philips Personal Health in Sweden) at the EIT Digital Academy Summer School

In today's world, professionals need to know how emerging technologies impact their business and technical people need to know how to turn technology into new business. That is why the EIT Digital Academy offers twelve different Summer Schools in eleven European cities for professionals and students to learn together all about emerging technologies and how to turn them into business opportunities. 

The Summer Schools are one of the ways in which EIT Digital is working to make Europe a leading player in the digital economy, says Roberto Prieto, director of the EIT Digital Academy. "Our Summer Schools offer our attendees the chance to master the digital mindset that companies need in order to be competitive."

The two-week EIT Digital Academy Summer Schools combine state-of-the-art excellence in key digital technologies with expertise in innovation and entrepreneurship (I&E). Attendees immerse themselves in real business case studies originating from within EIT Digital's pan-European ecosystem of scaleups, industrial and academic partners and research companies.

The Summer Schools are open to researchers, industry professionals, students of the EIT Digital Master School, PhD students and others who want to deep dive into emerging technologies and learn how to apply them in business situations. To Matilda Åberg-Wennerholm, Nordic Medical endorsement manager at Philips Personal Health in Sweden, this was precisely the reason to join the Digital Wellbeing Summer School in 2018. "The opportunity to be in the same learning environment as students was one of the main reasons I joined!"

Each Summer School is themed around one of the five areas in which EIT Digital sees major societal and industrial challenges as well as opportunities for Europe to take a leadership position in the global digital economy. These areas are: Digital Industry, Digital Cities, Digital Wellbeing, Digital Tech, and Digital Finance.

Besides the educational journey, the twelve Summer Schools also offer an opportunity to visit foreign cities as they are held in eleven locations across Europe: Lisbon, Eindhoven, Stockholm, Budapest, Rennes, Tallinn, Trento, Ljubljana, Munich, Bologna and Helsinki. The deadline for applications is 15 May 2019. The first school opens on 30 June and the last finishes on 17 August.

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