Artemis-ITEA2 Vision 2030 - double the investments!

Invest more for the benefit of society and industry

At the Co-Summit of Artemis and ITEA2 in Stockholm on December 4-5 there was a call to double the investments in software innovation to maintain global competitiveness, secure skilled jobs in Digital Technologies and grow the economy in Europe.

Keynote speakers from Swedish government and industry supported this view and shared the views and initiatives that are implemented and planned for the future. The event, co-organised by Swedish Innovation Agency Vinnova and supported by Ericsson and ABB, opened with presentations of the national initiatives and agenda for innovation followed by an overview of the current research for the networked society and 5G. 

The chairman of ITEA 2, Rudolf Haggenmüller and the President of Artemis, Heinrich Daembkes were proud to be able to show a wide range of project results in the exhibition area but also to present a roadmap ahead and the Vision 2030 paper. The publication focuses on the need for research and innovation in Digital Technology that will produce economic impact in terms of revenues and jobs.  

The global market of Digital Technology is estimated at USD 3,300 billion, corresponding to around 50 million jobs. The share of Europe in digital technologies is about 9.1 million jobs, of which 8.9 are in software innovation. As most devices today rely on embedded systems, there is a need for further investment was one of the points made. The ITEA2 will in 2014 be followed by ITEA 3, expected to create €11 bn in revenue and a clear potential for new job creation. 

As many of EIT ICT Labs partners are also active in the ITEA and Artemis projects there is an agreement on cooperation since 2011. With the EIT ICT Labs range of research and business catalysts applied to ongoing projects there is an opportunity to strengthen the exploitation of research results and get innovations faster to the market. 

Read more and download the Vision 2030 report here

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