An entire testing platform of SMEs to boost the international growth of Trilogis

During CeBit exhibition in Hannover, company Trilogis announced that, with support of EIT ICT Labs, they are going to join the first transnational Living Lab created by the LILA project ( LILA aims to foster internationalization of innovative companies in the digital economy, by involving SMEs (as early adopters and potential first customers) in a process of co-designing to validate & adapt products and services to each regional market. As a result, Trilogis will be one of the first companies that will be involved in the testing of the services offered by the project.

Trilogis is a coached company since 2014 supported by EIT ICT Labs (Trento and Berlin nodes) to exploit potential business opportunities with large international corporations. In 2015 they also joined the Business Community of Smart Spaces. They are already working with other companies of EIT ICT Labs network as Quuppa and U-Hopper.

At CeBit, Trilogis had also the chance to pitch and to present its innovative solutions to international partners, customers and suppliers thanks to the agreement of EIT ICT Labs with Enterprise Europe Network.

Box3: the solution to easily manage assets.

Trilogis has developed Box3, a solution for asset management, maintenance and (optional) real-time location of equipment/asset. With Box3 asset managers and maintenance engineers can define the context (the “what”) to be managed/maintained, they can define the maintenance parameters, allocate and schedule maintenance teams, have a real-time picture of asset management and maintenance activities, handle requests and have integrated access to documentation of each asset. The system allow real-time indoor and outdoor localisation (within an interactive map) of moving and non-moving assets, through integration of a variety of location technologies (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ultra Wide Band, RFID, etc.)

Onsite operators can automatically receive maintenance jobs on their mobile devices, access onsite all the documentation available for the given asset, re-schedule maintenance, etc. The system is currently in use in mission-critical environments, including hospitals, large utilities (which use it for the maintenance of energy distribution network).

Targeted markets

  • Retail: real-time tracking of customers and assets.
  • Healthcare: localisation and maintenance of medical equipment and people.
  • Industry: real-time localisation and asset management for logistics & supply chain.

The company

Trilogis focuses on GIS and location-based solutions both outdoor and indoor. The company has grown to reach 30+ staff members it works for multi-utilities, private companies, public administrations. Trilogis is a members of Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) the international standardisation body in the geospatial domain, contributes the activities of the IndoorGML Standard Working Group and it holds the chair of the OGC Mobile Location Services Domain Working Group.

Trilogis is currently the leader of European projects as i-Locate and UNCAP.

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