Alain le Loux, Business Accelerator EIT ICT Labs speaks in European Parliament

Innovating, a way out of the crisis

Alain le Loux, Business accelerator in EIT ICT LABS was one of the speakers at the event "Innovating our way out of the crisis" in the European Parliament in Brussels. The event was a fast-paced innovative entrepreneurship seminar for competition finalists of Ennovation 2013. Ennovation is an international student competition on Digital Entrepreneurship, Innovation and e-Business. The competition is organised by the Athens University of Economics and Business (ELTRUN, the eBusiness Centre), the International Hellenic University and the University of Nicosia

The event "Innovating our way out of the crisis" took place on initiative of  the Greek Member of European Parliament Ioannis Tsoukalas member of the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy of the European Parliament and former Secretary General Research and Technology. MEP Tsoukalas hosted a group of 30 entrepreneurs with a total of 15 innovative proposals in digital business, covering topics from "smart" Composting organic waste in urban environments by keeping electronic patient record history. These young entrepreneurs had the opportunity to participate in this informative event for the new financial tools European Union for innovative startups, as well as the innovative entrepreneurship seminar.

The first "lesson" included a delightful lecture by two top businessmen on how to create and develop an innovative SME active in the field of digital technology. Tsoukalas said that changing conditions in the modern post-industrial and post-IT period of internationalisation create a new era in which production is based on the ideology of the knowledge triangle (education - research - innovation entrepreneurship) and means they are required to live themselves. 

Alain le Loux was one of the two specific "innovation coaches' to share experiences on how one turns an idea into an innovative company, providing examples from his own business experience and expertise as coach and business accelerator within EIT ICT Labs where the knowledge triangle is considered to be a major driver for ICT innovation. The presentation of Alain le Loux was described as "inspirational" for those trying to make their first steps in business. He presented the most important reasons why a startup might fail and tips to survive. His number one tip was: Have fun! When you cease to have fun, stop immediately!


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