ACTIVE will make an impact on the market for Internet of Things

ACTIVE will make an impact on the market for Internet of Things

It is estimated that IoT will grow to 26 billion devices connected to the Internet by 2021. But there is a need for technical solutions and good business models. The ACTIVE project is about creating a generic connectivity and middle-ware platform including security to support application developers for different segments so they don’t have to redo the whole stack. The market uptake of Internet of Things applications can thus be accelerated as developers can focus their efforts on application in vertical segments.

The project is planned to run for three years and had an early bird start in September 2015. About 50 full-time people are involved as researchers, developers and business experts in three sites - Stockholm, Helsinki and Milan. EIT Digital average funding is € 3 million per year.

ACTIVE is a collaboration project between industry, big corporations and SMEs, research institutes and universities. We are developing both a platform and a number of different applications e.g. transportation, e-health and smart buildings, supported by the platform.

- I know that this project will have a major impact both commercially and technically.” says Action Line Leader Henrik Abramowicz, Future Networking Solutions, EIT Digital.

Partners and SMEs in ACTIVE

KTH, SICS, Ericsson, Aifloo (SME)

Aalto University, Tampere University of Technology, Bittium Wireless, Safemode

Polytechnic University of Milan, Engineering, Kyunsis (SME)

For more information contact

Henrik Abramowicz, Action Line Leader, Future Networking Solutions, EIT Digital,

Francesco Militano, Senior researcher, Ericsson and Activity Leader ACTIVE

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