ACTIVE attracted new partner interest at kickoff - visit us and learn more in Kista or Brussels!

Agneta Jacobson and Francesco Militano at the ACTIVE kickoff

Agneta Jacobson and Francesco Militano at the ACTIVE kickoff

Francesco Militano

Francesco Militano

Attendees at the ACTICE kickoff

Attendees at the ACTICE kickoff

Potential Partner Interest at the ACTICE kickoff

Potential Partner Interest at the ACTICE kickoff

The official opening of the facilities in Stockholm where activity leader Francesco Militano will run and coordinate the whole group of 50 researchers, industry experts and SME contributors, involved in the ACTIVE project, was very successful in gathering interest from the innovation ecosystem in Kista.

ACTIVE stands for Advanced Connectivity Platform for Vertical Segments and will develop a generic connectivity and middle-ware platform including security to support application developers for various segments without having to redo the whole stack, for each new application. This will accelerate the market uptake of Internet of things applications as developers can focus on the user end.

- We are developing both a platform and a number of different applications e.g. transportation, e-health and smart buildings, supported by the platform I know that this project will have a major impact both commercially and technically said Henrik Abramowicz, EIT Digital Action Line Leader , Future Networking Solutions.

- The project is planned to run for three years with an average funding of 3 million € per year, with project sites in Stockholm, Helsinki and Milan, explained Francesco Militano. The platform will be applied and verified in e.g. the transport, building automation and health sectors; to deliver connectivity services as well as support the management of transportation vehicles through sensor and capillary nets and similar for wearable and body sensors in the health area.

Partners and SMEs in ACTIVE

KTH, SICS, Ericsson, Aifloo (SME)

Ericsson, Aalto University, Tampere University of Technology, Bittium Wireless, Bittium Safemove

Polytechnic University of Milan, Engineering, Kyunsis (SME)

Do you want to join or learn more? Join us in March in Stockholm and Brussels in April!

At the kickoff there was obviously a keen interest of new partner companies who want to collaborate or join the project and there is a great opportunity to learn more about how to be a partner of EIT Digital activities. On March 15-16 open workshops will be held at the EIT Digital Stockholm office for new prospect partners and members of the community.

On 12 April the entire EIT Digital network will come together to exhibit achieved results and to openly discuss and demonstrate how we drive the digital transformation in Europe. The event is open to all potential collaborating partners - from research, industry, academia or SME / Startups.

Please contact Henrik Abramowicz for more information!


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