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On Thursday 24 January and Friday 25 January the international kick-off of the Health and Wellbeing agenda for 2013 took place in the Co-Location Eindhoven at the High Tech Campus, the Netherlands. The workshop was attended by 30+ participants all representing their specific activity in the Health & Wellbeing Action Line. For the ones that got mobility problems caused by snowy and icy weather, the CLC Eindhoven provided Video Conferencing as well in the plenary room.

After introducing the overall Action Line strategy and its 2013 activities the participants discussed in activity related subgroups on their common strategy and goals resulting. The assignment was to present this in a one slide overview in which the carrier catalyst model, activity, innovation and impact per activity was characterized. The first day was concluded by the presentation of these sheets followed by a social event. 

The second day was devoted to the synergy between all the activities in order to achieve the overall Action Line Key Performance Indicators. The areas of Mental-, Physical-, and Social Wellbeing are still the focus embedded in the Active Healthy Ageing Platform that has to be established this year. Of course the integration of Education, Research and Business was part of the agenda and the propositions for 2013 were discussed. Agreements have been made between the application / service oriented activities, the enabling platform activity and the innovation radar, business development and post master education supporting activities. 

The Health and Wellbeing action line contributes to improving the quality of everyday life via the development of ICT enabled services supporting a sustainable healthy (mental, physical and social) lifestyle in the context of Ambient Assisted Living for Active Healthy Ageing. Global and societal and economic trends as the ageing population and the growing consumer empowerment call for an innovative and entrepreneurial ICT enabled & supported approach towards Health and Wellbeing. This approach improves the quality of life by supporting people with ICT based solutions to live uncompromised, comfortable, safe, and active lives also at an advanced age. It enables independent living while at the same time avoid social exclusion; in other words, supporting active healthy ageing. This includes both regular as well as innovative emerging service providers. 

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Author - Else Embregts

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