A unique possibility to learn how to make a modern business plan - Business Modeling module in Helsinki

A unique possibility to learn how to make a modern business plan - Business Modeling module in Helsinki

EIT Digital organizes an unique opprtunity for doctoral students to learn how to develop a modern business plan for a new start-up or a new business inside an industrial corporation.

The Business Modeling module organized Helsinki Doctoral Training Centre is aimed at all the doctoral students of the Doctoral School of EIT Digital. Also all the doctoral students of Aalto University can participate.

The module gives hands-on training on the main elements of any business model and resulting plan:

  • Market analysis
  • Offering definition
  • Go-to-market plan
  • Managing financials
  • Selling and other execution
  • Monetizing intellectual property
  • Teamwork
  • Pitching to investors and other decision makers

The module consists of three parts
1. a seven week course with lectures once a week April 14-May 26; and three assignments. It is possible to participate this module mainly remotely;
2. one week intensive course in the first week of September 2016 (September 6-9) in Helsinki node of EIT Digital with one assignment;
3. one and half day closing session in late September 2016 (the exact timing and and place to be agreed together with the participants of the module).

By completing the whole module and all the assignments, the student can get a maximum of 10 ECTS.

The first part of the course is organized together with Aalto Venture Program as their following course:

The lectures are once a week Thursday afternoon (13-16) in Tonging lounge in the second floor of TuAS building (Otaniementie 17, Espoo). The lectures will take place April 14th, to May 26th (note that the official Aalto calendar states that May 26th is an exam date, but there will be closing seminar instead of exam).

As a doctoral student, you should not use the WebOodi registration, but the following link below:

Register here

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