A Swiss hospital group to deploy netMedi’s patient follow-up and communication solution

One of the most modern radiotherapy establishments, the Swiss private hospital group Radiotherapie Hirslanden AG, deployes Kaiku ™ communication and follow-up solution by the Finnish company netMedi. NetMedi is one of the start-ups hosted by EIT ICT Labs Helsinki.

Kaiku™ allows staff to easily visualize and analyze patient-transmitted data such as form responses and pain levels. For patients it offers a secure connection with their doctors and nurses, as well as a reliable tool to follow the state of their health. It can be run on any platform including computers, tablets and smart phones.

Hirslanden has a reputation for using leading-edge technology in combination with personal, high quality care. ”The possibility of staying in touch with our patients as well as having it easily documented is important to us. It will bring the relationship between our patients and institute even closer”, explains Hirlanden’s Chief Clinical Director Dr. Med von Briel.

”We are very excited to work with the world-leading clinics like Hirslanden and Docrates. Together with our clients, we are developing solutions that bring the personal communication and follow-up during patient care to the highest level”, says Dr. Med Linda Linke who takes care of netMedi’s operations in Switzerland.

NetMedi was founded a bit over a year ago by five students from Aalto University. ”I have a lot of doctors and engineers in my family and that’s where the business idea originated. We did indepth interviews with the clinics in Finland and started the cooperation with Cancer Center Docrates”, explains Lauri Sippola, CEO and co-founder of netMedi. Cancer Center Docrates deployed Kaiku™ in March 2013. Docrates has actively participated in the development of Kaiku from the very beginning.

”EIT ICT Labs has offered us an inspiring place to work and build our first product. Through different events held here at the Helsinki Co-location Centre we have been able to network with and learn from other health and wellbeing companies”, describes Lauri.

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