A meeting of presidents at KTH

Willem Jonker, CEO EIT ICT Labs, presented the KIC's state of affairs and opened up for discussion on the many aspects to consider and develop as the various education activities are launched.

In 2012, a goal in the Education Action Line for the Doctoral School is to set up an Industrial Doctoral Training Centre (DTC) in the Co-location Centres at each Node of EIT ICT Labs. The DTC concept is something inbetween a research team and a lab, sharing a common theme or technology and will consist of approximately 30-40 people with a refill of 8-10 new doctors each year.

Next year will be the first year of the EIT ICT Labs Master School, which has been a challenge to set up with 20 different universities involved.  The final agreements are being signed and the website that will be the main marketing tool and portal for application and information is to be launched soon.

- In 2011 we have already had more than 350 students who have participated in summer schools aligned to the thematic areas of EIT ICT Labs, stated Education Director Hannu Tenhunen. In the master school the students will be able to choose the university to enter and for the first year consisting of a technical base content (technical major).

Then they can choose which university they will spend their second year at, with different specialisations and then also have a choice of different business partners that offer internships and mentorships. Our mission is to find and support the students with dreams and facilitate, enhance and deepen their options, concluded Hannu Tenhunen.

Meetings of university presidents at KTH oct 2011After a very successful day the host, KTH president Peter Gudmundson suggested to continue with the format and arrange similar meetings on an annual basis at a new KIC partner university each year. TU Berlin accepted the call and will host it in 2012 when other short term and strategic future goals will be on the agenda.

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