9 Finalists selected in the category Cyber Security & Privacy

Nine start-ups have been shortlisted out of 28 applicants in the category Cyber Security & Privacy. For the first time a start-ups from the Czech Republic and Romania reached an Idea Challenge final. The finalists will pitch their ideas on Thursday 19 November in Trento, Italy, in front of a pan-European expert jury. 


The finalists are:

KeeeX (France)

KeeeX offers private messaging, sharing, collaborating under absolute control, with no infrastructure, risk, or commitment.

Standard I/O ⎜ Voici (Germany)

Voici is a unique software solution for identification and authentication based on voice. Up to now, quality voice biometry has been known only to military and telcos.Standard I/O makes state-of-the-art voice technologies are available to anyone.

Coblue ⎜STORRO (Netherlands)

STORRO is an application to share, save and manage files. Like the cloud but completely secure and private, as data is not stored at third parties. So YOU have control.

MobyFace (Netherlands)

Enabling technology for out-of-band transaction handling which puts the user in control. Furthermore it allows organisations to anticipate on its customers needs and innovate their online services with minimal time-to-market. 

PhoneX (Czech Republic)

PhoneX is a mobile application that enables you to make encrypted phone calls, send messages and data files securely without risk of interception.

Mynigma ⎜M – Safe email made simple (Germany)

M is an email app with built-in encryption. End-to-end security meets usability.

DigiFlak (Estonia)

Flak Secuters are all-in-one security devices, which are designed to protect the sensitive data of end users and companies, are based on a dedicated Flak chipset hardware and SecuritOS firmware

Flowy Apps ⎜REDS – reclaim your data (Germany)

With REDS users are independent from the cloud app provider and can decide freely where they want to store their data to keep control of their privacy in the cloud.

IQrypt (Romania)

IQrypt (formerly knows as CryptonorDB) is a privacy oriented cloud-mobile database.


More information about the final you can find here:

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