3D Printing: The future of additive manufacturing

Strati, 3D printed car; Source:

Damien Declercq from Local Motors

On April 23rd, the first EIT ICT Labs 3D Printing Cluster Event was held at the premises of UnternehmerTUM, together with EOS and SCE as co-hosts. The location is part of the Tech-Centre Garching, close to Munich, that impresses with a modern, glassy architecture and numerous companies and Technical University of Munich (TUM) on site. About 100 entrepreneurs, innovators and companies joined the event. It was opened by an introduction to EIT ICT Labs and welcoming of the 3D Printing Cluster to the European level by Julia Schmalenberg (EIT ICT Labs BDA) and an electrifying keynote speech of Damien Declercq from Local Motors. The company is a pioneer in leveraging additive manufacturing and open innovation methods in the automotive sector. Local Motors was recently integrated into the Business Development Accelerator of EIT ICT Labs with the goal to drive their innovations and support them in entering the European markets. 

The keynote was followed by 10 inspiring presentation of the EIT ICT Labs Idea Challenge winner 3YOURMIND as well as by, Cellular Skin, EOS, HIDRO, HypeCask, HYVE, Thiele & Wagner, Trindo and TUM. They all displayed the many ways of improvements that 3D-printing can bring to the society, e.g. cars with an electric engine or adhesive sensor devices mimicking the human skin for safe human-robot-interaction.

The following day EOS representatives gave a tour through their factory where they produce e-manufacturing solutions based on 3D printing. EOS is a specialist for additive manufacturing with machines that are able to process different materials like plastic or metal.

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