3cixty App Challenge for students is now open until December 15!

EIT ICT Labs, in collaboration with its partners, is organising a contest for students to design and develop applications on an innovative platform aimed at enhancing the experience in the city as it had never been possible before.

As part of its Urban Life and Mobility innovation activities and in collaboration with partners from Italy, Germany, France, the Netherlands, and the UK, EIT ICT Labs has developed a platform called 3cixty, along with a showcase application. The platform is aimed at providing citizens with a unique smart city experience, from wherever they are, using their smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Users will instantaneously access rich and integrated information as it had never been possible before. For example, a city visitor will be able to look for a 3-star hotel near a car sharing station; or for a restaurant that he does not know yet but at least one of his friends liked on social networks and that is not too noisy.

Now, it is time to start developing and designing more applications for this platform! As a start, students from European universities are invited to participate in a contest organized by EIT ICT Labs up to December 15. Those who develop a running application should use at least 1 of the APIs of the platform. Participants who design an application without implementing it should submit a design for a possible application that makes ambitious use of the 3cixty platform.

The potential reward is not only money (1st prize 1 000 Euros, 2nd prize 500 Euros, 3rd prize 200 Euros for developers; 1 prize of 500 Euros for designers): The 3cixty team will work with the winners to give them opportunities to present their proposal in connection with Expo Milano 2015, where the platform will be showcased and tested live by many of the 21 million expected visitors from all over the world. This is surely an exciting opportunity that should not be allowed to pass!

Register now (and submit by December 15th) here:

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