1st EIT ICT Labs Investors' Dinner well received in Eindhoven

The first EIT ICT Labs Investors' Dinner at the High Tech Campus was a big success. In Berlin the EIT ICT Labs Investors’ Dinners are already a successful and proven recipe. Now for the first time pooling of investors and matching them with EIT ICT Labs' SMEs has been tried out successfully in Eindhoven. 

Last Tuesday, 24 September, 10 investors and 19 SMEs came together for this match making event that took place in restaurant 'The Lounge' at the High Tech Campus, Eindhoven. The Investor’s Dinner is on invitation only and that makes it a select matchmaking happening where investors have the chance to meet top-notch startups in a speedway manner. The invited investors for this dinner were in good company of 13 Dutch and Flemish SMEs and 6 SMEs coming from Paris, Berlin and Trento.

Five exquisite courses were served and with each new course the startups rotated to another table. There were 5 tables. Each table had seats for about 4 SME’s and 2 Investors. The startups pitched while wining and dining. A pitch took 3-5 minutes followed by max 5 minutes for discussion. Each table had a host who guarded the time and process. The investors and table hosts remained at the same table. At the end of the dinner, during an informal served ‘coffee and sweets’, everyone had the chance to get in closer contact.

However, the real proof of the pudding happens after the Investors'Dinners. The first contacts have been made last Tuesday 24 September and the first appointments are scheduled in... Now it is up to them!

For more information contact Alain le Loux, EIT ICT Labs Business accelerator. 

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