150.000 euro investment in Kopjra - law enforcement on the Internet


TIM Ventures (Telecom Italia seed investment company) announced on July 30th an investment of 150.000 euro in Kopjra, a start-up from Bologna specialised in technologies that helps in protecting intellectual property and privacy. Thus Kopjra has been recognised by TIM Ventures as one of the most innovative Italian company in the sector of legal technologies. 

Kopjra’s service helps to identify in real time the possible infringements of copyright, trademarks, patents and privacy on the web and on peer-to-peer networks. The search results can be analysed with automatic content recognition technologies and can be monitored over time. The anti-piracy service of Kopjra is tailored for music and film industry, software and videogames industry, as well as for publishing. Kopjra provides also services that help its clients to gain back the loss caused by online piracy.

The technologies that help to protect intellectual property and privacy are one of the most promising trends in the market of the digital economy. The aggregation of technical and legal services that Kopjra is offering corresponds to the needs of the Internet era we are living in. Blending law with technology opens also interesting scenarios from the economical point of view. 

Kopjra is already positioning itself as a potential leader in this sector. It has been selected by Startup Europe among 8 (out of 200) start-ups that coming September will jump into the Silicon Valley ecosystem in the framework of the Mind the Bridge Startup School programme.

Since 2014 Kopjra is also part of the EIT Digital Business Development Accelerator that works with high growth and high impact innovation start-ups. With a team of experienced business developers the Accelerator supports start-ups in business acceleration at the European level. 

Keep an eye on Kopjra’s success in blending law with digital technologies!

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